Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Fun!

This Halloween we were to go to my sister-in-laws house for our traditional trick-or-treating and then dinner, but their house has been attacked by the flu, so we had last minute change of plans to stay at home, pass out candy, hit a few houses up in the neighborhood for candy and then venture across the street to our neighbor Dave's house for his annual party. Last year Josh was the cutest, chunkiest bat and since he isn't into too many characters yet, I picked out his costume this year and made him the cutest, most handsome MD! Here he is, I can't believe he actually kept the scrub cap on. It's almost as if he didn't realize it was there.
The stethoscope was the issue and the picture above is not because Josh isn't diggin' his skittles bc he is, this face is bc he has a mean mommy that kept trying to force the stethoscope on his neck. Eventually he won and mommy just carried the stethoscope door to door.
Loving those skittles

and suckers too!

This might be a result of sugar overload, not quite sure why he all of the sudden decided to lay down in the middle of the dining room.

Friday, October 2, 2009

3D ultrasound

So I have been a very bad blogger to say the least. When I was around 20wks pregnant, which would have been at the end of July, I had my normal ultrasound to check out everything to make sure all was ok and also to determine the gender of the baby. I don't think that I announced it in my blog, but announced it just about everywhere else (email, facebook, etc) that we are having a baby GIRL!!!!!!! We are very excited and couldn't be happier that she is a healthy little peanut. A few doctors visits ago I had inquired about getting a 3D ultrasound done. They are elective and you pay out of pocked (but they aren't too expensive) and we did it with Josh and it was really neat, so we wanted to do it again. Well, I was informed that the ultrasound company that my OB uses is in the middle of moving and getting new equipment, so they aren't offering them right now. I was bummed, but what can you do. Then around Sept 23 I received a call that the ultrasound company is trying to train on their new high-tech equip and if I was willing to be a guinea pig, they would give me a free 3D ultrasound. Such a great offer that of course I couldn't pass it up. So on Friday Sept 25th, after a playdate with my dear friend Trisha, I left Josh with her and I headed to Barrington to have my free ultrasound. The pics below were the best shots that they got (they were still having a lot of difficulty getting used to the new equip/settings/etc. and they got a money shot to definitely confirm that we are expecting a baby girl. face shots
face shots
looks kind of like Josh in this one
look at those cheekers!

arm with a fist, she's a feisty little one!
So, because I don't think that I announced it earlier....we are scheduled to have our csection on November 24th, 2days before turkey day. Looks like I will be celebrating in the hospital.

Mom's 60th

The first weekend in August my mom turned the big 6-0, so my brother and sisters and I threw a big surprise party at my parents house. My aunts took her out for the day and she came back for the surprise, I think we surprised her, what do you think?

Josh and Frankie playing in the yard
My sister Maggie, my cousin Laura and her husband Lance
A small portion of the party, we had around 50 people I think
My cousin John holding Josh and his daughter Jocelyn. Josh and Jocelyn are 3wks apart and both of our babies on the way will be a month apart
My mom's cake

Just some cute shots of my guy!

Trip to Indy

At the end of July Jeff had a business trip, so Josh and I took the opportunity to go and visit my friend Erica from nursing school. Erica, her husband Jeff and their daughter Hayden live in the burbs of Indy, so it was a nice little mother/son road trip. We did a bunch of fun things for the kids like going to the splash park, the zoo, taking walks, etc. and it was nice for Erica and I to catch up to and do our normal things like go to lunch and shop!:) Erica and Hayden at the dolphin show
Erica and Hayden looking at Ostriches I think
Very cool, at the Indy zoo you can feed the giraffes, and as everyone knows giraffes are my favorite animal, so I thought this was pretty cool. The line was way to long for us to stand though with the kids, so maybe next time.
Look how close up they are, aren't they cute?
Me, Josh and the elephants
The goats, oh the goats!
Hayden was fearless with the goats and was chasing them all around, after awhile I eased up a bit and so did Josh and he ended up really liking the goats as you can see from the pictures below.

Josh and Hayden, aren't they cute!?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trip to the Shedd Aquarium

The same week as Lambs Farm I was feeling daring and decided to take Josh and my niece Luz to the aquarium. I was actually pretty excited for Josh to see everything bc this was a very big "Finding Nemo" period in Josh's life. It was the only thing that he wanted to watch and he loved it so much, granted we never let him sit through the whole thing, so he kept seeing like the first 30min or so over and over. Excitement???
Enthralled in the coral fish tank
Luz had a pretty good time too.
Checking things out
When we went into the new coral reef exhibit and came across the huge shark tank Josh got so excited. We sat there for a good 10mins watching the sharks.
Nemo's or mo as Joshua calls them. We took a lot of pics of Nemo, but I will spare you from all of them. This one turned out the best.
Cool Jellyfish
Luz and a huge stingray

Trip to Lambs Farm

Lambs Farm is a cute little place to bring the kiddos. It has a petting zoo, a carousel, bounce house, train and a bakery! It's actually only 15min from my house but I have never been there before. The week after the 4th of July my sister, who at the time was Josh's babysitter while Jeff and I were at work, took a weeks vacation so.....I decided that since I had the opportunity to be home the whole week with Josh that we would do fun things that we have never done before. Lambs Farm made the list and I am glad that it did bc it was actually a lot of fun and it was cheap which is always a nice plus. Josh waiting to board his first train ride.
On the train, not quite so sure about the ride.
Extreme close up
Joshua's first carousel ride, I think he liked it
I don't really know what is up with the "Flock of Seagulls" hairdo here.
Hanging on
A cow, duh
Watching the goats
Enjoying some rainbow sherbert at the end of our trip at the farm. It was a really great day together and I am glad that I finally got to check out Lambs Farm